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five self-care podcasts for therapists

I recently fell in love with podcasts. Yes, I was definitely late to the party, but I never knew what I was missing. Now, I have my podcasts playing in the car, at the gym and even at the grocery store. I like to mix it up and keep a variety of fun, serious and inspirational listening ready for whenever I have a free moment.

There are some great podcasts out there specifically geared toward therapists, counselors, and social workers.

Here are a few of my favorites talking about self-care from the perspectives of professional therapists.

I’ve linked to the individual podcast pages, but all of these are also available on iTunes or your favorite podcast listening program.

The Australian Counselling Podcast – Episode 36: Self-Care for Therapists: How Do You Know When You Can’t Keep Giving?

In this episode, host Clinton Power interviews Vivian Baruch, an expert on therapist self-care. Vivian discusses the signs and causes of compassion fatigue and burnout based on her many years of research and practice. It’s a great introduction for new therapists who want to prevent fatigue before it starts. 

Biggest takeaway: We need to develop our own individualized self-care plans that evolve with us and our careers.

Listen to it here.

Therapy Chat – Episode 14: Using Self Care to Prevent Burnout

Therapy Chat, hosted by Laura Reagan, has several episodes dedicated to self-care and secondary trauma, but this is my personal favorite.

If you recognize that your current workload is not sustainable, but don’t know what to do about it, listen to this episode.

Guest Mari Lee talks about her realization that she was overworking herself, putting her health and her clients at risk. So, she made a change. Not only did she reduce the number of individual clients she was seeing, but she rearranged her schedule so it worked for her. In the process, she diversified her practice and added new passions and income streams. She was even able to establish a schedule that allows her to take every fifth working week off to recharge.

I especially love the discussion on creating policies and boundaries that benefit both client and therapist.

Listen to it here. 

The Social Work Podcast – Episode 49: Social workers and depression: Interview with Mark Meier, MSW, LICSW

This episode is an oldie (2009), but a goodie and worth a listen for anyone in a helping profession. Host Jonathan Singer interviews Minneapolis, Minnesota-based social worker Mark Meier about depression amongst social workers and mental health professionals. According to Meier, social workers are three times as likely as the general population to be depressed. Meier shares his personal history of depression and how it impacted his ability to work with clients. He now uses his story to help his students open up and address their own mental health issues.

Biggest takeaway: Mental health professionals need to be aware of their coworkers and it is our duty to speak up if we feel another professional is struggling.

Listen to it here.

InSocialWork – Episode 157: Dr. Joanne Cacciatore and Kara Thieleman: Witness to Suffering: Mindfulness and Compassion Fatigue Among Traumatic Bereavement Professionals and Volunteers

If you love research and evidence-based practice, this one’s for you!

InSocialWork is the podcast series from the University of Buffalo School of Social Work, which aims to “to engage practitioners and researchers in lifelong learning and to promote research to practice and practice to research.”

Dr. Cacciatore and Ms. Thieleman join the show to discuss their research on professionals and volunteers working with parents who have experienced the death of a child. Their research showed how mindfulness and meditation reduced burnout and compassion fatigue amongst workers.

I especially love the pairs’ focus on the concept of compassion satisfaction and how we can continue to feel the joy that comes with serving others.

Listen to it here. 

Therapy Chat – Episode 24: Vicarious Trauma

Here’s one more from Therapy Chat. This time, host Laura Reagan, LCSW-C talks about vicarious trauma in trauma therapists. She shares the basic signs that indicate you may be experiencing secondary or vicarious trauma and what you can do about it.

Reagan was lucky enough to attend a talk by Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, author of Trauma Stewardship (one of our favorite reads!), and gives some great highlights from Lipsky’s teachings. Think: self-awareness, exercise, mindfulness.

She also mentions her own supportive community for trauma therapists. You can check that out here.

Listen to it here.

What are your favorite podcasts? Share them in the comments.

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Jessica Jacobs is a Licensed Social Worker based in Indianapolis, IN. She is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of those in the helping professions through better self-care and more sustainable and supportive organizational environments. Jessica has worked in international and domestic disaster response, community mental health, nonprofit management and political advocacy. She can be reached at

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2 thoughts on “Therapists Talk Self-Care: Podcasts to Inspire

  • Jonathan Singer

    Welcome to the world of podcasts! I really appreciate you including the Mark Meier episode from the Social Work Podcast. I also think it is great that you annotated the list with your takeaways for your reader. You are providing a great service. Thank you.

    • Jessica Post author

      Thanks, Jonathan. The benefit of being a late adopter is that there are plenty of old episodes to catch up on. I’ve been enjoying your podcast!