five self-care podcasts for therapists 2
I recently fell in love with podcasts. Yes, I was definitely late to the party, but I never knew what I was missing. Now, I have my podcasts playing in the car, at the gym and even at the grocery store. I like to mix it up and keep a […]

Therapists Talk Self-Care: Podcasts to Inspire

Overcoming Loneliness
Six months ago I sat on my couch in tears, my concerned husband at my side wondering what was wrong and what he could do to help. I had never had trouble telling him what I was feeling, but this was different. I worried that he wouldn’t understand or worse, […]

Can We Talk About Loneliness?

Self-care is an important practice for anyone, but for those in the helping professions it is essential. According to the University of Buffalo, “self-care refers to activities and practices that we can engage in on a regular basis to reduce stress and maintain and enhance our short- and longer-term health […]

What is Self-Care?

Journaling for Self-Care
If you are looking for a way to practice better self-care, a great way to start is by keeping a self-care journal (or any journal). Writing regularly in a journal helps to reduce stress, process and solve conflicts, and has even been shown to have physical health benefits. The biggest […]

Journaling for Self-Care: 15 Writing Prompts for When You’re Stuck

zen under fire cover
If I had to choose one word to describe Marianne Elliott’s "Zen Under Fire" it would be honest. Reading her words, I am struck by the courage she displays in admitting her own emotional struggles in a field often characterized by “cowboy culture” -- a culture where drowning your sorrows […]

Great Books: Zen Under Fire by Marianne Elliott

Medical Provider Burnout
For many in the medical professions, chronic stress and fatigue may seem like “just part of the job”, but the consequences of provider burnout and failure to address serious workplace issues can be immense. High levels of stress, lack of work-life balance and dysfunctional workplace environments have been shown to […]

4 Ways Provider Burnout Impacts Patients