About Jessica

Jessica Jacobs is a Licensed Social Worker based in Indianapolis, IN. She is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of those in the helping professions through better self-care and more sustainable and supportive organizational environments. Jessica has worked in international and domestic disaster response, community mental health, nonprofit management and political advocacy. She can be reached at

Over the past few weeks, I have seen a series of articles claiming that self-care isn’t what we should be focusing on when it comes to ensuring worker well-being. The articles, which come from all different professions—including nursing, social work, international aid and business—claim that businesses are using self-care as […]

Self-Care Begins with Advocacy

Practicing self-care is a preventative measure. It keeps us physically, mentally and emotional strong so we can avoid the negative effects of long-term stress and emotional strain. But, there may come a time where even the best self-care plans are not enough. Helping careers by nature are prone to highs […]

Create Your Emergency Self Care Kit

Mindfulness and Meditation
Based on Buddhist teachings, mindfulness is the practice of intentionally being in the here and now. Working with people as they experience traumatic medical, emotional, financial, and mental health conditions takes a toll on helping professionals. They are at high risk of chronic stress, burnout, depression and compassion fatigue. While […]

Use Mindfulness to Prevent Burnout