Self-Compassion is essential for those leading others
I’ve long advocated that self-care is a responsibility, not a luxury if you are in any way supporting or leading others. We cannot consistently and sustainably be strong, compassionate and effective if we aren’t treating ourselves with compassion and acknowledging ourselves as strong and effective individuals. Often we move through […]

Self-Compassion is Essential if you Support or Lead Others

5 Signs You're Giving Too Much in Your Relationships
Sometimes we function like dry-cell batteries, discharging without a recharger to plug into. Our span may be longer and less measurable, but the outflow drain is as real. We all need replenishment, and we are responsible for giving that to ourselves — to make ourselves a priority. Having raised four […]

Five Signs You Give Too Much in Your Relationships

Before I got my first nonprofit job, I loved to volunteer. In fact, it was how I got that job in the first place. Fresh out of college, I flew to the other side of the world for a two-week volunteer stint responding to an earthquake. I was eager, passionate […]

Using Volunteer Work to Revitalize Your Compassion

Plan B 1
I first read about developing a plan B while reading Trauma Stewardship by Laura Van Dernoot Lipsky.  I was a bit skeptical about the idea, because clearly who has time to develop a Plan B when one is knee deep in Plan A!?! It also scared the bajesus out of […]

Developing a Plan B

Practicing gratitude in your every day life
Gratitude is a game changer.  With Gratitude, you can change your life without actually changing anything (except your perspective). A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my favorite self-care ideas and realized that it would be helpful to take a deeper dive into a few of those ideas, […]

Gratitude – A Self-Care Tool

ideas for self-care and hope in response to tragedy
by Amy Rosechandler, MS, LMHC A common question I hear from people is “how do you listen to [depression, problems, trauma] all day?” “I could never do your job, how do you not give up hope?”. I usually have two answers. First, it is challenging to work with many sorrows […]

Keeping Up Hope